Conversations with Cleverbot: “Is my son happy in heaven?”

It's been a while, but Conversations with Cleverbot is back!

Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence engine which you can ask questions and receive answers which are vaguely reminiscent of something a human might say – much like Mitt Romney (sorry, I couldn't resist).

I tend to ask Cleverbot questions with a theological bent to them. I am always disappointed – mainly because the AI technology for this fun little application isn't quite as advanced as it needs to be. Bad answers notwithstanding, I decided to jump back in with a good question.

Now, some of you might consider this question a bit dark. I decided to ask Cleverbot if my son – Carter – was happy in heaven. This is a question I already know the answer to, but I wanted the opinion of a computer.

Here is what transpired:

User: Is my son happy in heaven?

Cleverbot: Heaven?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: So, so you think you can tell.

User: Is he happy in heaven?

Cleverbot: Why do you assume I think a tree doesn't think?

User: That's not even close to what I asked you.

Cleverbot: Why do I think you're a woman?

User: Because there is something wrong with you?

Cleverbot: And what would that be?

User: The fact that you have completely ignored the original question I asked you.

Cleverbot: I guess it does.

User: Wow, that might be the only time you have admitted you are wrong.

Cleverbot: So, in your book of morals, eating Jesus and the universe is right?

User: I DO love me some Christ on a cracker…and when he IS a cracker.

Cleverbot: What is this person/thing's name?

User: You have been completely unhelpful, Cleverbot. Bye-bye.

Cleverbot: I'm done with you.

As you can see, I am as answerless as always.

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