One Last Thing About the #chickfila Thing

I was catching up on my Daily Show and The Colbert Report DVR backlog and saw their reaction to the #chickfila controversy. Most of it had to do with the appreciation day sponsored by Mike Huckabee and the Fox News universe.


I tweeted this last week in response to all the emphasis I saw my fellow Christians – frankly – making fools of themselves. The photo (above) is one example. They thought it appropriate to bring their chicken sandwiches to the altar. The photo (below) depicts a church making a potluck – itself a holy time and place(winkie face) – of the occasion.

My tweet represented my feeling that many well-meaning believers were allowing themselves to be controlled by wealthy media figures. When this happens, one must ask themselves who or what it is they are doing – or who or what it is they are doing it for.

These photos reminded me that we should always consider who it is that motivates us.


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