Barton’s Statement on the Recall of His Book


David Barton’s book – The Jefferson Lies – has been pulled by Thomas Nelson Publishers for the inaccuracies it contained. Several professional historians have mounted counter-proposals in response to the outright lies it contained. However, it appears as if there is another publisher willing to sell their soul to the devil in order to rake in the profits one of Barton’s books can attract.

In a statement – you can find on their Facebook page – Barton and his Wallbuilders thingy said this:

The announcement that Thomas Nelson has pulled The Jefferson Lies because it has “lost confidence” in the work has become national news. However, while Thomas Nelson may have “lost confidence” in the work, others have not and thus the book has already been picked up by a much larger national publisher and distributor. Even at the time Nelson dropped the work, they admitted that it was still selling very well.

As is the case with all of our published items, we go above and beyond with original source documentation so that people can be thoroughly confident when they see the truth of history for themselves. We find it regrettable that Thomas Nelson never contacted us with even one specific area of concern before curtly notifying us they had dropped the work. Had they done so, we would have been happy to provide them with the thorough and extensive historical documentation for any question or issue they raised; they never asked. The Jefferson Lies has not been pulled from publication and it will continue to sell nationally.

It continues to amaze me that this man – confronted continually on the facts – can remain so staunchly bullheaded. I guess when there is a dollar to be made, one can be made to do almost anything. That should make us Christians cringe.

Barton’s new publisher is going to have to buy a pretty comfortable bed to be able to sleep at night after this move – luckily they can afford it now.

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