#INAC12, No One Thought About the Homeless?

There are certainly things to be said about the success–or not–of the Indiana Annual Conference’s first meeting in downtown Indy.

Personally, the convenience we were told would be experienced does not make up for how prohibitively expensive it is. Let’s alternate between Purdue and IU–or places of equal square footage and cost-effectiveness.

***FULL DISCLOSURE: As a seminarian, my costs are being offset by the AC–with my thanks.***

That’s not the point of this post. What is? The homeless.

Since the Super Bowl, Indy has gained a bit of reputation. They did so by using a boat-load of cash to turn their downtown area into a vastly modern and beautiful place. It is in the midst of this plenty that one can easily see poverty.

On my way back to my hotel tonight, I saw a homeless man setting up his bed for the night–in a recessed section of the Hyatt hotel. I personally saw many others, and I am sure there were many more.

The thing I thought was sad was that the only church that was doing anything about it was the Catholic church across the street from the beautiful convention center in which we are meeting–and the only thing they were doing was allowing their steps to be slept upon.

I will admit to not knowing much about how big or small a problem homelessness is in Indy. But, it’s obvious there is one. I think there should have been some sort of plan for ministry and outreach to them–I saw no mention of anything like that in our “service” program from Wednesday.

I just think this problem should have been anticipated and addressed.

If the Indiana UMC decide that they just have to have the conference in Indy again–and I’m not entirely sure they should–I think the conference should put some effort into doing so.

If not, I will do it. Quote me.

I just don’t think a church should hold such an elaborate conference and not also address a need that so plainly stares them in the face.

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