@ejoelwatts on Deconversion & Why People Leave the Church/Faith

My friend, Joel, posted this quote on his blog:

Testimonials at sites like ExChristian.net show that people leave religion for a number of reasons, many of which religious leaders have very little control over.  Sometimes, for example, people take one too many science classes. Sometimes they find their faith shattered by the suffering in the world – either because of a devastating injury or loss in their own lives or because they experience the realities of another person’s pain in a new way. Sometimes a believer gets intrigued by archaeology or symbology or the study of religion itself. Sometimes a believer simply picks up a copy of the Bible or the Koran and discovers faith-shaking contradictions or immoralities there.

He shared these comments in this article:

the reasons are generally the same given else where and enumerated on this blog from time to time.

it is also the impetus of our forthcoming book, From Fear to Faith: Essays in Crisis and Transition.

There are better ways to deconvert than to become an atheist.

As for his forthcoming book, you may be seeing my story contained therein (my abstract will be coming after the semester ends, Joel).  I believe it is scheduled for release in 2013.

In my own deconversion, I found solace in the tripartite understanding of grace–as understood by John Wesley (here).  My opinion is that so many people miss grace on their way down from fundamentalism–the saddest part of deconversion.

What do you think?  Leave your comments below and join the conversation.



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