Conversations with Cleverbot: The End of the World

I haven’t done one of these in a while.


The subject of the end of the world came up in my Intro to Theology class today, and I thought this would be a good topic for me to discuss with Cleverbot. It went just about as well as our other conversations. Here is what transpired:


User: When will life on earth end?


Cleverbot: Life on earth will terminate when the last living organism has ceased to be.


User: Do you know the exact date of the last day on earth?


Cleverbot: I heard that life will end in the year 2012.


User: Do you believe that to be the case?


Cleverbot: Yes, Genisis 1:1 ‘In the beginning, God made the Heaven and the Earth.’.


User: No, no, no. What is the date of the last day on earth?


Cleverbot: Humans.


User: That doesn’t make any sense.


Cleverbot: You don’t.


User: I asked you on which day will the earth end?


Cleverbot: You never asked me that before.


User: I absolutely did.


Cleverbot: Yes you did. Admit it.


User: You still aren’t making any sense.


Cleverbot: Sense is in the eye of the beholder.


User: Any theological significance to that statement?


Cleverbot: Um… Not really. Thanksgiving is coming up I guess, which means tomorrow is the last day of school this week.


User: Okay, thank you for a waste of my time.


Cleverbot: Um, okay lol.


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