INTRODUCING! A New Segment: ‘Journey OF the Cross’


…is the official cross of my blog.  Not that the cross could be classified as being “official” for anything other than salvation, but this is the cross that will be most widely used in my blog.

How did this cross come into existence?  Well, Emily has an addiction to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  She got about 8 of them on sale from one of those stores and thought I might be able to use them.  They sat around for a while, right up until I got some artistic inspiration one morning.  I saw the cross.  I saw an assortment of paints sitting next to my kitchen table.  I have ADD.  Any questions?

Then, I got the idea that I would do a project for my blog.  This cross is going on a journey.  I will take pictures of this cross in different places and in the hands of different people–even having them pray over it.  Whoever and wherever I am, I might be so inclined to include them in in the journey of this cross.

“Journey of the Cross” will be the title of the segment.  Be on the lookout for the cross to be near you.  You could have your photo show up right here on my blog!  How exciting for you!

Additionally–in the future–I might be so inclined to reproduce this cross and sell them right here.  You could have your very own replica “Journey of the Cross” cross.  How exciting for you!


2 comments on “INTRODUCING! A New Segment: ‘Journey OF the Cross’

  1. Doug Morgan
    April 27, 2012 at 8:46 AM #

    What an awesome idea Chris. See it pays to be ADD. I am looking forward to seeing the cross where ever it goes.

  2. Chris Tiedeman
    April 27, 2012 at 9:03 AM #

    Thanks, Doug! ADD is…LOOK, A KITTY!

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