The Yarmulke Experiment: 7 Days of Showing Reverence to God

As of 3pm on Wednesday, April 25, I am wearing a yarmulke.  I will be done next Wednesday, at the same time.  This is for the purposes of fulfilling an assignment in my inter-religious class.  The options were following kosher or halal food laws, or wear a head covering.  As I am addicted to the kind of food I am addicted to and want it when I want it, so I chose the headdress.

I have to wear this yarmulke for 7 days…all day…everywhere I go.  Tonight’s small group meeting.  When I take a trip to Starbucks.  When I preach on Sunday.  I’ll look something like this:

Whoa!  I cannot believe how Jewish I look!

Other than the hopes of getting a good grade on the reflection paper I have to write, I pray that God will show me something in the midst of this experiment.  I don’t exactly know what God can show me doing something like this, but I am always open the workings of the Spirit in my life.

If I were one of the literally ones of loyal readers of my blog, I would expect updates on anything interesting learnings or experiences.


(FULL DISCLOSURE: I am, like, 1/64th Jewish)



How to Wear a Yarmulke

One comment on “The Yarmulke Experiment: 7 Days of Showing Reverence to God

  1. Andrew Suhre
    April 25, 2012 at 6:18 PM #

    My Grandma would not be happy …because it doesn’t cover your ears.

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