Dr. Wendy Deichmann – Of @UnitedSeminary & The Confessing Movement – Prays For Unity

A press release from United Theological Seminary states that the school–a sponsor of the upcoming General Conference of the United Methodist Church–is praying in preparation, “Holy Spirit, Make Us One!”  (find that quote here)

Some clarification was offered:

This prayer for unity may seem surprising given the controversial issues that will be decided. “Our source for oneness is not in formal agreement regarding details—rather it is in Jesus Christ and his mission,” stated the seminary President Wendy Deichmann. “When we are united in the Spirit and mission of Jesus Christ, we can make a difference for the better,” she added.

Dr. Deichmann is the president of United Theological Seminary–the school I attend.  I have been critical of recent moves they have made.  In particular, this post about my concern about the poor theology of their newest ministry partner–Kenneth Copeland Ministries.  There has yet to be any reasonable explanation for a prominent mainline denominational seminary partnering with a Word-Faith televangelist.

I find this prayer for unity strange.  Dr. Deichmann is a board member with The Confessing Movement Within The United Methodist Church–an independent group claiming to work for “renewal” within the UMC.  Within the Indiana Annual Conference, they account for a major portion of our General Conference delegation–a delegation which is entertaining legislation that would look for a way to split the UMC–for reasons having to do with homosexuality and the church.

They say there’s more, but that’s what is comes down to.  Just ask the Anglicans.

The Confessing Movement–along with groups like the IRD–constantly deride the failures of “liberal protestantism” while touting the apparent successes of “conservative evangelicalism.”  They set themselves in direct opposition to their perceived foes, which only serves to drive a wedge deeper between the two sides.  Unity does not appear to be a high priority.


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