‘Monumental’, Crowdmouth, No Longer Doing Business?

I was promised a conference call with Kirk Cameron if I completed some tasks like watching the trailer for Monumental and recruiting my friends to do the same.  It appears as if that won’t be happening.

As far as I can tell, that promise was made as part of a partnership between the movie’s producers and a company called Crowdmouth.  According to their website, Crowdmouth is:

Crowdmouth is a crowd-activated word-of-mouth rewards application that gives independent music and movies a customizable, integrated marketing and distribution solution through Facebook and web browsers, and soon, mobile.

Combining the best of its online and offline experience, Different Drummer will unveil in early 2012 the new word-of-mouth social application.

A fast, low-cost, totally customizable and integrated solution, Crowdmouth incentivizes fans to recruit, share, post, Tweet, watch, buy, and so much more – all while you gain new insights and intelligence on your fans.

Whatever the reason, it appears that Crowdmouth and Monumental have parted ways.  I am awaiting a response to an inquiry from the movie’s Facebook page.

All I have to say is…boo!

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