Sermon Excerpt from 3-25-12: God of Wrath

I am going to post my whole message from today later, but I thought I would share this piece. It’s the “highlight reel.” Here it is:

I realized something this week. In fact, it was yesterday, when I was finishing this message.

I have always felt like I had to temper my advocacy of God’s love with the obligatory nod to the fact that the Bible also portrays God as a God of wrath. I did that to appease those who felt that the church didn’t preach enough about wrath. What I realized, is that God is a God of love–first and foremost–almost above everything else one can possibly imagine God being a god of.

Our lives as Christians, rather than being organized around appeasing a God we believe might smite us at any given moment, should be built around allowing God to transform us into the beings God desired us to be from the beginning. Then happily and faithfully seeking God, day by day.

That transformation begins with and is nurtured along with love. It’s the love which God first breathed into flesh. It’s the love that brought God’s people out of the desert. It’s the love that had God sending his son to earth. It’s the love by which Jesus died upon the cross.

Lent can be a grueling slog through words like sin, repentance and forgiveness. In many ways, that’s the way it should be. But if Jesus took the opportunity–right before he would be sent to Golgotha–to tell us the glory that is brought to God by the mere command of love, shouldn’t we make that our everything?

Make love your everything–each and every day.



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