UPDATE: Perkins’ FRC Stands “With Kirk” Cameron as “Monumental” Approaches

The Family Research Council–headed by Tony Perkins–has begun a campaign for their supporters on Facebook to show solidarity with Mike Seaver on Monumental.

The idea is that you “like” and “share” this (the photo above) through your Facebook account.  As of 1:13pm, there were 85 people who had commented on the photo and nearly 1,500 who have clicked “like.”

This show of support is not surprising.  The “f” in FRC stand for “family.”  Kirk Cameron has used the pre-release media he has purchased for this movie to say that the reason he is making this movie is for his family.  And if it has the word “family” in it, the FRC is super-willing to sign on.

This show of support is in response to some blowback Cameron received from his appearance in The Piers Morgan Show.

The nice thing for Cameron, et. al. is that he finishes this week with (fingers crossed) FOX News airing his segment on Bill O’Reilly’s show–after having been axed from it twice, earlier in the week.  At some point, he is supposed to be conducting a conference call as part of a promotion he is coordinating with online PR firm Crowdmouth.  Hopefully, that will happen.  Once it does, I will record it and share it with all of you.

I will be attending the live movie event on Tuesday night in Indianapolis.  Expect more good stuff from this event.  I plan on taking my audio recorder for interviews:)

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