Kirk Cameron Should Thank Piers Morgan For Not Talking About “Monumental”

Kirk Cameron claims Piers Morgan was being “disingenuous” (that quote here) in their interview, claiming Piers said they would be talking about his new movie, Monumental.  Cameron claims Morgan went out of his way to talk about the hot-button issues they had discussed.  Had their discussion gone as Cameron had hoped, he might not be enjoying some of the attention he is right now.

He’s gone on Today to plug the movie, and he also spent time clarifying his comments by saying that he hates no one and loves all people.  That sort of “hate the sin, love the sinner” stuff aside–rather than slight Cameron–Piers Morgan just gave this movie a shot in the arm.  Cameron is hoping that his one-night only release will entice more theaters to pick it up.  Given the fact that many Christians will go see the movie just because Morgan was “disingenuous,” he might just get his wish.

Of course, my continued attention to the movie is giving Cameron just what he wants–not that my attention to it is garnering much buzz for him.

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