THE LIFE OF A SEMINARIAN: Dr. Lisa Hess & “Artisanal Theology”

As you may remember, I am in seminary.  As I read and discover new things, I might be inspired to share them with you.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Lisa Hess’ (her blog found here) on an understanding of the church, their work and works’ righteousness:

A colleague once argued, quite convincingly, that works’ righteousness does not apply to the children of God, as each is a child of God by grace in faith, but the church is only the church in what it does.  If risked discipleship does not grow, if fruits of the Spirit cloy at the ground, if hospitable welcome and cruciform love do not show forth shoots of new life, then the questions grow in my spirit toward the Body’s call for me into new life.

A child of God does not do works as a chore, but as a symptom of the relationship they share between themselves and God.  You may have thought of it like this before, but I have not.  It spoke very strongly to me.

Grace and Peace.

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