Kirk Cameron’s “Monumental” Mistake

So, it would appear I have plans on March 27th, 2012.  Kirk Cameron is “presenting” a “live” theatre event across the country to premier his new movie Monumental (find the movie’s website here).  I first heard about this from Glenn Beck’s “news” website, The Blaze.  Apparently, Cameron made his appeal to CPAC that “our history has…been re-written.”  This movie appears to be yet another attempt by someone with sympathies to conservatives, the church and the Republican party to right a perceived wrong.  Here is the trailer:

As an historian and a pastor–holding a degree in one while working on a degree in the other–I am curious when these types of events happen.  I call this an “event,” because this movie is sure to be the feature of many a church movie night over the next couple of years.  It isn’t just going to be this one night event.  Christians, everywhere, are going to be watching this.  I hope Mr. Cameron has taken this responsibility seriously.  AND, if I see David Barton (@DavidBartonWB) anywhere hear this, I might have to take this more seriously.

Anyone gonna join me in the theatre?

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