I Have Been Dissuaded By @eJoelWatts and @CSalafia — Don’t Go Dark For SOPA

I should definitely do a better job of keeping up-to-date on my Twitter feed!

I find attempts by large corporate interests to infiltrate our lives to be despicable.  PIPA and SOPA are laws that could not only do that, but ruin the internet as we know it.

In a stunning turn of events in congress–seeming to only be able to pass resolutions saying pie is great–these laws seem to have renewed legs and are set for fast-tracking through our crippled legislature.  This should tell you something.

I decided to join the ever-popular media black-outs here on this blog–thinking that effort, however tiny, might help to spread the message of the destruction PIPA and SOPA could reap.

However, my friend Joel shared with the masses that frequent his blog at http://www.unsettledchristianity.com that this type of protest plays right into the hands of those behind such dangerous and onerous legislation.  Just as my other friend–Christian–did, I am reversing my decision to go black.  Instead, there are other things you can do.

Watts suggests not using the services of those who support the legislation and contacting your congressperson.  I agree!

However, there is a ribbon that you can have WordPress place along the top, right corner of your blog which simply says, “stop censorship.”  Notes will continue to sport this feature until January 24th.


One comment on “I Have Been Dissuaded By @eJoelWatts and @CSalafia — Don’t Go Dark For SOPA

  1. Joel
    January 18, 2012 at 1:45 PM #


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