Fmr. Indiana Area Bishop White Writes Letter to MLK on His Birthday

It’s been a while since I have had any contact–relatively–with fmr. Indiana Area UMC Bishop Woodie White.  Then, the propriator of Unsettled Christianity posted the letter he writes to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his birthday.  You can see the whole letter here, but here is my favorite section.  After telling the story about a couple refusing to receive communion from a black clergyperson, he speaks about how American blacks and whites see the issue of race–especially when it comes to the presidency.  He says:

I continue to marvel at the general silence about race and the American presidency. While recent studies still conclude that white and black Americans view race differently, I can think of no place where that is more glaringly true than in the assessment of the current presidential administration. Black Americans view the President as having been disrespected, unduly criticized, his accomplishments dismissed and minimized. However, when media pundits make the same observation, they simply ask with wonderment, “Why?” None or few point to an underlying race factor.

When the U.S. lost its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, some Americans actually cheered because our President had supported the nation’s bid! For many black Americans, we are convinced there are those who would rather see the country fail than see the first African American as President succeed. Martin, in the psyche of many Americans race trumps all else—patriotism, and even theology! One must be quick, very quick, Martin, to note that even those who would return America to a pre-Civil Rights era, are bound to failure.

Let us continually seek to eradicate the small shreds of racism that continue to thrive in the shadows.  Happy Birthday, Dr. King.

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