My Final Newsletter Article to Kewanna UMC

The job of a pastor is to preach the word, administer the sacraments and provide leadership to the congregation. Additionally, the pastor needs to provide leadership so that the person who follows may easily transition into the position to do the same. A church cannot become about the pastor. Also, the church cannot become about any particular person or persons within the congregation. First and foremost, we should be here for one reason and one reason only–the worship and glory of God.

This is a difficult task. Unfortunately, our egos and personal preferences get in the way of our worship of and service to God. When that happens, we run into situations which leave a church in apparent disarray and chaos. This is unfortunate for two reasons. First, it leaves the congregation with a feeling of unease and trepidation. Secondly, it makes the job of reaching out to the world with the message of the gospel that much more difficult.

As I prepare to hand over the keys to the Pastor’s office, I have a heavy heart. There are these types of feelings existing in the hearts and minds of the faithful of Kewanna UMC. To place blame is instinctual, but fruitless. Forgiveness and grace should reign in these times. Also, a sense of hope should abound.

This hope can come to us when we realize what I said above. That we are not here for us. We need to be here because of our desire to worship and serve God. This need exists even when the church feels in disarray. God is here. God is gracious. God will provide. We may not know what that looks like, but we can have the certain knowledge that God will always be the faithful Shepard. We can always know that.

So, take that knowledge and go forth into the world as the people of God!

One comment on “My Final Newsletter Article to Kewanna UMC

  1. Eric J Allman I
    July 9, 2011 at 8:17 PM #


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