“Tangible in the church itself…”

In the wake of the events which led to my departure from Kewanna, my father-in-law sent me a book entitled A Door Set Open by Peter L. Steinke. I have gathered many nuggets of wisdom from its pages. I found this quote within which I thought I should share with you. It deals with the church and the world, and how the church needs to exist in the world.

David Bosch is quoted as saying:

If the church is to impart to the world a message of hope and love, or faith, justice, and peace, something of this should become visible, audible, and tangible in the church itself.


One comment on ““Tangible in the church itself…”

  1. Eric Allman
    June 30, 2011 at 9:01 PM #

    Well That is a BOLD statement

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