SERMON FODDER: God is no respecter of persons

This is an excerpt from my sermon on Sunday:

Why does Jesus command us to love our enemies? It is difficult, for sure, yet we are commanded to do it. Why is this important? It goes to our understanding of God and man. There is God–he is up here. There is man–we are down here. That is the gist. We do not have leeway to make distinctions beyond that fact. We are stuck at this point to draw no further distinctions when it comes to our fellow person. We are no lower than the person who purports to know the Bible inside and out. We are no higher than any death-row inmate. Our humanity leads us to draw lines between “us” and “them.” God is no respecter of persons. Peter says as much in the book of Acts (10.34). Love our enemies? There is no other conclusion which the Christian is obliged to come.

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