SERMON FODDER: A Finger Dipped In A Still Pool

This is a stream of consciousness I wrote while ponder things during lunch at Annual Conference. I don’t think it has anything to do with anything happening at Annual Conference, but I think there is a sermon in there somewhere. It is rough and imperfect, but I hope it triggers something in you as it did me.

When one dips their finger in still pool of water, the ripples begin small, then grow and grow. Depending on the size of said pool, one could watch those ripples go on forever. Eventually, the ripples will end and the pool will return to its state of smooth calm. However, that’s not before those waves enrapture the one who made them.
This is–by no means–a perfect analogy. The water is creation & humanity, the One is God. Who is to say whether or not God is enraptured by his creation? However, when it comes to understanding time and creation in relationship to God, it’s perfect. It is as if God has dipped his finger into the abyss and created us. Life happens and unfolds before him. Eventually, we will come to what Jesus called “the life to come.” This is when the ripples of creation cease, and the calm returns to the pool. This is also when God’s redemptive plan for man becomes complete.
But the pool is rippling out, then it is not. Such is man and time to God: a ripple extending from one origin. It is moving before Him, then it is not.

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