What Can You Expect From “Notes?”

Hello, world!

I am an aspiring blogger. I have wanted to start blogging for quite a while. I feel there is need for Christians to be engaging in the culture in a more positive and prevalent manner. That’s why I’m doing this. Not that there is a want for bloggers nowadays, but there is plenty of room for more!

I will comment on everything from the church in the world to the world in the church. As I am a student, you can expect some of the content I will produce to be directly related to what I am studying. As I am also a pastor, you can expect me to post a lot of content on what the local church is seeing, hearing and doing. The ultimate goal is to bring glory to God and acknowledge his Spirit’s work wherever it may be.

Additionally, you can expect a video version of this blog–a vlog, if you will–that will be an extension of what I am doing here at “Notes.”

My hope is that you will come back on a regular basis to check in on what I am writing about and what God is doing in his world.


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